At Spycom Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with convenient, comfortable solutions for all of your home, office, and business needs. We help provide products that fit seamlessly into your life and help to simplify it, happening effortlessly for you, so that you can focus on everything else.


Our Automation and Control services help make things happen in your home, office, or business effortlessly. From blinds and curtains programmed to open and close with the sunrise and sunset, to temperature and lighting controls that adjust themselves, we have you covered. Save time, money, and effort by allowing us to put the planning into place for you.

Networks & WiFi

Larger homes, businesses, and offices often struggle with network and wifi issues. This can be frustrating and prevent you from getting important tasks completed. In today’s technologically-based world, it has become increasingly important to have a strong, speedy internet connection, and we have the solutions to help you accomplish this.


Your home and business are filled with the things that matter to you most, and these things deserve to be kept safe at all times. We have a variety of security options, from doorbell codes and cameras, to text message notifications when someone enters or exits your property, and remote-protection options accessible from across the world. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind with our professional security products.


Want the bold look and feel of the movies from the comfort home? Our theater products range from superior projectors and screens, 3-D viewing equipment, and surround-sound, professional-grade speakers like you’ve never heard before— all automated to dim lights, turn up the volume, drop blinds, and play your favorite movie at the push of a single button.


Dance through life with a whole-home, partial-home, or business audio/video system. Our setup provides high-quality sound and enables you to play your favorite songs, develop mixes for social gatherings and events, and customize which areas of your home play music with ease— all from your smartphone or tablet.


Because we are a local, small business, you can count on the fast, simple customer service that you deserve without any hassle. The full satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, and we take pride in providing dedicated support services for your smart home products when you need them most. At Spycom Technology Solutions, we are always happy to help you.