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New Construction – Prewire! Prewire! Prewire!

Follow These Four Tips to Get More Out of Your Home AV & Control Solutions

New Construction – Prewire! Prewire! Prewire!

Many Americans dream of building their home from the ground up. It is an opportunity to create and customize the ultimate haven for yourself the people you love. There are many things to consider when building a dream home, from the style of doorknobs to the overall room layouts. No wonder important things sometimes fall through the cracks!

There can be additional costs and delays when building your dream home because technology needs were overlooked. Our expert technicians will make sure your home audio video, automated lighting, control systems, and networks are being installed at the appropriate stage of construction.

As the common saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." With the right planning and wiring framework, you'll reduce costs and ensure more reliable performance from all of your technology solutions.

TAGS: Home Construction | Lighting Control | Smart Home Control

Streaming vs. Cable

Explore the Pros and Cons of Each Home Entertainment Option

Streaming vs. Cable

Have you heard the phrase “cutting the cord” and are curious about what that means? Traditionally, the average home relied solely on the cable company to watch TV. These days, you no longer need cable to provide this service, as streaming has wholly transformed the media landscape by bringing almost anything you can think of to your TV in a moment.

Streaming is an alternative to cable at a lower cost. A “Cord Cutter” refers to a customer who has stopped paying specifically for cable service, and started streaming shows through their internet connection. The only thing you need to start streaming is an Internet connection, a streaming device (like an AppleTV or Amazon Firestick), a TV, and downloaded apps with free or paid subscriptions.

Are you intrigued in the concept and think it may be right for you? To guide you through the options, we’ve outlined how they stack up in a variety of categories to see what the best fit is for your Pennsylvania home.

TAGS: Cable Packages | Netflix | Streaming Services

Maintaining a Healthy System

Maintaining a Healthy System

The nature of the beast with technology is that it is ever-evolving and changing at a break-neck pace! At any given point in time there are firmware updates, new software available, new and enhanced features being promoted, and new products constantly rolling out.

Just like taking your auto to the mechanic for an annual tune-up, or going to the dentist for fluoride treatments, your electronics are no different and require the same routine attention. Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining and improving the operating condition of your equipment.

You Got That Black Friday Deal. Now What?

You Got That Black Friday Deal.  Now What?

You scanned the Black Friday sale papers, waited in line Thanksgiving Night, and scored a deal. Is this TV going to sit in a box in your garage while you figure out how and where to mount it?

Mounting a TV can be more complex than you think. Where is your electrical outlet and would you need an electrician to relocate it? How do you get the cable box and AppleTV behind it? Do you want an articulating or tilted mount? Even just hoisting the larger TVs on the wall (55” and above) can be tricky. Let us help - Spycom Technology Solutions wants to hang your Black Friday Deal of a TV! We can mount on almost any surface, and hide outlets, equipment and wires behind it, leaving an aesthetically clean finish.



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