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Home Networking: How To Bring Your Wi-Fi Outdoors This Summer

Expand Your Home Network For Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

Home Networking: How To Bring Your Wi-Fi Outdoors This Summer

Warmer temperatures are on the way. And that means now is the perfect time for you to commit to spending more of your days outdoors this summer.

Of course, no modern living space is complete without internet access. You should hold that same standard of quality for your outdoor areas as well.

That way, you can enjoy streaming your favorite Netflix shows and more as you lounge outside and savor the sunshine this summer.

With the help of a professional home networking installation, you can enjoy robust wi-fi access throughout your property – whether you live in Manheim Township or elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Want to find out how? Keep reading below.

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The Importance of Wireless Access Points

You might think of your home network as consisting of just your modem/router delivering an internet signal throughout your property.

Often, though, that signal won’t extend far enough to cover your entire home – let alone your outdoor areas. Even when it does, your internet access speed likely won’t be at an optimal level.

Here’s the fix: Add wireless access points to your network.

What is a wireless access point? It’s a connected device that will extend your home’s wi-fi signal to under-served areas of your property.

Best of all, some wireless access points are designed for the outdoors – meaning they can withstand the elements and deliver you internet access throughout your outside living spaces.

Why Leave it to a Professional?

There are plenty of reasons to allow a professional technology expert to upgrade your home networking system to include your outdoor spaces.

DIY solutions usually incorporate network extenders that half your speed and signal strength everytime they are used. In comparison, acess points deliver full bandwidth and greater range. 

These access points, which are directly linked to your wiring foundation, also offer 'band steering' so you don't have to choose between different wi-fi signals. All devices are steered towards the faster 5GHz coverage instead of wasting time vying for space on the less efficient 2.4GHz wavelength. 

You won’t have to worry about connecting your wireless access points. Your technology professional can do that and even mount them to your home’s exterior, keeping them out of reach for pets and children.

Perhaps you have a sprawling house, though. A technology expert can install wireless access points throughout your property so that you can have high-speed internet access everywhere in your home.

A professional networking installation also means you’ll be able to ensure your technology always is operating at its best – whether it’s through increased bandwidth capability, network security encryption, remote monitoring and more.

Your network installer even can integrate all of your devices to your network for you so that you never have to worry about connecting your technology on your own.

At Spycom Technology Solutions, we enjoy delivering expert home networking solutions for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania.

To get started on your outdoor wi-fi project for this summer, reach out to us today by clicking the button below!

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